Writing habits

Miss Guth (who has a sneak preview of her second novel up on Six Sentences) always asks authors about their writing habits. Now that I’m 12 hours from leaving for my writing retreat, I’ve had to assess and admit to my own writing habits.

1. 70 page, wide rule, single subject Mead notebooks. Or the generic version.

2. Clicky Pilot pens or some other clicky pen. Not a ball point, but something with some nice flow to it.

3. A public place. This could be the hardest thing about going to a cabin in the woods to write, no waitress bringing me coffee and no bus under my feet. Hmmm.

Anyway, I have three notebooks (I’m an optimist), two new pens, and nothing packed yet. I should be doing that right now, but instead I might sit on the couch for just a moment and read some of the Great Gatsby instead.

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