Some of the things I saw sitting at the bottom of the escalator in Dulles near the B gates.

A jewish family of three. He wears a kippah, their 3ish year old daughter is black. “Should we take the escalator on the left or the escalator on the right? the one on the left or the right? the right? wheee! the father lifts her up onto the escalator, now we can wave to mommy”

a soccer team of 11-13 year olds, all girls with two male coaches, “do we have to take the stairs?” no you can take the escalator. three girls run up the stairs anyway, at least double the length of an average escalator. like Camden markets

man and his son, huge tennis bags on their backs.

Older indian couple and son in 30s or 40s. he carries all of the carryon luggage behind his parents who are empty handed.

generally, people are disappointed when they see the escalators

european flight attendants in matching very blue, royal blue uniforms with their pilots. parents trying to make the huge escalator exciting and not scary. a man who must fly regularly, with a magazine and a pillow. nothing else. people are exhausted by the time they get to the B escalators, the train will certainly be welcome. sitting across from security in the large lobby. not even a lobby, just a place people pass through with piped in music. I am playing my music, why bother with headphones, who stops to notice I have music playing? sweatshirt for harvard. purple pashmina. red Adidas shirt. dean and deluca bag. green shirt. purple bag. man in a wheelchair with a cell phone. everyone with a cell phone. almost nobody sees me, even though I am in their site between the end of the moving walkway and the escalator. someone with too much perfume passed by.

does anyone ever sit on this bench? i moved it a little, a foot closer to the outlet. at least half of the people are checking their cell phones.

black and white striped skirt. more flight attendants with yellow neckerchiefs and black suits. long hair and pony tails. flight crews travel in packs. families in packs. dkny scarf. the young sons ahead of weary parents, convincing kids to take the escalator. ugg boots. cowboy boots. pilots with patriotic ties. a worker with a full keychain on a carabeener on his waist. a bag from aden. family with a wheelchair and a stroller, going to elevator. man in a cowboy hat. woman with a car-seat and no baby, and knee high boots and a short skirt. couples holding hands coming down the escalator, swinging joined hands, baby in a bjorn. man with a hand in his right pocket, other arm swinging. men carrying wives toiletry bags, remember when flying was glamourous? woman with her money belt hanging out of her shirt. indian woman with a sari and white tennis shoes. more people coming down the escalator on their cell phones than going up.

she noticed me. a woman stops at my bench. the first person since I sat down. to repack her purse, I think.

Scandinavian airlines is paging again. names I can’t pretend to smell. another indian woman, blue sari, older. red on white plaid pants, pajama pans with a big striped pillow and a stocking cap. oh, that little girl must have cancer. bald with a super cute scarf. if you want to control your kid, make him ride the same escalator as you do. ankle boots with skinny capri pants. more ugg boots and serious backpacks. Are people coming home for thanksgiving already?

man in a football jersey, Number 13. big gold chain and big headphones. two TSA employees, women in early 20s, decide to take the stairs after some debate.

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