dboo and Nick DeWolf

I don’t remember exactly when I added dboo as a friend on Flickr. Either I was looking for an image of a computer and found one of his or he came up in the feed of everything else. Dboo is Steve and he is the son-in-law of Nick DeWolf, an inventor and businessman who passed away a few years ago.

Nick carried cameras with him everywhere, all the time, for decades. Steve is digitilizing 20-50 photos a day and putting them up on Flickr. It is a fascinating look at like in the 50s to 70s–from the banal to very interesting. And the everyday is interesting, don’t forget that.

Last night I went and poked around for awhile and realized that Steve has also made some stories available on a Vox blog. May I suggest The Poker Story (1, 2, and 3) since that is what Nick considers the turning point in his life. It’s along the line, for me, of buy a couch and buy boots.

And Ira Glass, if you’re reading, you might wanna get your mitts on this story.

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