I can haz Singelringen!

Remember a post that I wrote last year? About coveting a certain blue and silver ring? Today I got one in the mail from Linda Sherman, she does the PR for Singelringen and offered it to me. Hooray, thanks Linda!

There is, of course, a story.

After I wrote that post in January, Linda and I briefly corresponded. She offered me a ring, but wasn’t so sure about the blog thing yet. I said that unless I could disclose it was a gift, I had to say no. We then had a great conversation about blogs, social networks, PR, jewelry and her fascinating career in Japan.

I’m happy to say that Linda and Singelringen are all about blogs now. She recently organized an event for Singelringen in LA and invited bloggers to cover it. Thinking outside the box, they didn’t do a Singles Auction or a cocktail hour, but a Shoe Fashion Show that was a fundraiser for Working Wardrobes.

So, what’s the deal again? The Singelringen is a ring for singles to wear on the right hand. It says, “I’m single and that’s cool, in fact, I have a rather fabulous life with this being single thing.” Yep, I have a code to get myself registered in the Singelringen online community. I’ll admit that I mis-measured my finger and didn’t need the biggest size. Oops. It fits on my thumb, but I might wear it on a necklace instead.

It’s fun, it’s pretty and different, and I think it’s what they call a social object. Eh, Mr. MacLeod?

UPDATE: Judging from the number comments, this is indeed a social object. I’m also introducing Linda (see comments) to Chicago stores that should sell Singelringen. I’ve contacted two of my faves in Lincoln Square–where do you think it’s a fit?

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