Off-hand to in-depth

I made an off-hand comment at the end of a post asking Hugh if a Singelringen was a social object. Linda from Singelringen did some Googling to better understand it, I got tons (for me) of comments about it and I thought it was the end of the story.

Then it started up again on Twitter, because Shashib wrote a post about Singleringen after seeing it here and getting in touch with Linda. Which he twittered and then a big international conversation about Singelringen and Social Objects started.

Which, honestly, left me in tears. The “yes it is, no it isn’t, not quite, maybe” conversation and the “Why do you want a single ring and not wedding presents” comments turned on a torrent of inner critics. The got busy reminding me why, at 30, I’m still single. I think I got over that.

Even cooler is that Alex (who I met for coffee briefly when he was last in Chicago) wrote a great post about Social Objects, springing from the Twitter conversation. Watch his space for conversation about it and congrats, Linda, on getting involved in blogs and stuff. People are talking about the ring.

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