Tale as old as time

P.S. If the music from Beauty and the Beast played a part of your teen experience in marching band or show choir, consider this a warning. You’re emotions are completely tied up in that movie and you’ll probably get sucker-punched by memory.

If, say, you were a sophomore in HS and dating the drum major. And he later broke-up with you because he didn’t know what love was when he told you he loved you, so he probably didn’t mean it and you should just break-up.

And during all of that, every single day you were playing Beauty and the Beast music for marching band. And maybe, on the weekends, you watched the video with your nerdy band friends.

And, if on top of all that, you were kind of a bookish brunette and related to Belle more than any other princess in the Disney line-up.

And you watch it at 30, almost 31 years old.

You will be 15 again and just dumped by the drum major, cause he doesn’t know what love is. And you’ll probably cry.

And by you, I mean… well, me.

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