Exciting stuff at OSRUI

Tonight I had dinner with Jerry Kaye, the Director of OSRUI . OSRUI is the Oli-Sang Ruby Union Institute, in the summer is the the local camp of the Reform Movement and was founded by a certain Rabbi Schaalman. You may have heard of him.

Jerry and I yakked for a couple hours about all things web 2.0, Jewish, camp, conversion, and Chicago. He’s fantastic and I don’t know how we haven’t crossed paths before. Here are some things that came out of the dinner.

1. Yes, Barbara, I’ll come to the SOFER workshop. The SOFER workshop is a Jewish writer’s retreat, but it needs about 10 more participants to happen. So, hey there Jewish writers, if you go, I’ll go. It’s $410 for a weekend with four stellar teachers, food, and a weekend at camp. Come on, sign up already!

2. New this year is the Jewish Discovery Weekend . It is a shabbat for interfaith couples, folks considering conversion, folks who have converted, and people who are curious about shabbat. Perhaps, I might, you know, have something to do with it. Plans are being hatched. Mark your calendars for the first shabbat in May.

3. When Jerry asked, “Is there a Jewish blogging conference?” I said, “No.” Peeps. J-bloggers. JEWISH BLOGGERS! Do we want a conference? Or an unconference? Cause I got a lead on a camp that’ll have us. We can do a Sun/Mon/Tues or we can include a shabbat. Thoughts?

So, yeah, that’s some exciting news. Like I said, Jerry and I yakked for a couple hours, had Moody burgers, and plotted how to change one Chicago Jewish institution. More news coming soon, I’m sure.

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