Off to Germany!

Germany has never really been on my radar as a country I really wanted to visit, but now that I’m 12 hours away from heading to the airport I am super excited and wondering why it wasn’t. I thought I was all set to go, but turns out I don’t have a memory card for my new digital camera. Hmmm…. this has happened before. Like the day I went to Israel. Bummer.

I’m not sure how I’ll squeeze in buying a new memory card tomorrow, but will definitely try. Otherwise I have to take 15 photos, upload the pics. Take 15, upload 15. Take 15, upload 15. It’ll get old, fast.

Things have been crazy lately. I had something to do every night the last two weeks, with the exception of Saturday nights. Seriously. Dinner with Ronnie last night, dinner with Adam and Rachel the night before that, a meeting the night before that, rehearsal and dinner the night before that… and on and on and on.

Work is good, things are changing and moving and morphing, but I still can’t tell you what is going on. You’ll know soon, I hope, because the secret is killing me. Well, not killing me, but driving me crazy. Needless to say, I’m off to Hamburg to meet all my colleagues in Europe that do digital stuff. I’m even leading a workshop with Simon, Jason and Simone. That’ll be great. I’ll be back before I’ve adjusted to the time zone, just in time to head to Springfield to moderate a panel at the Governor’s Conference for IBOT, a client.

So that’s my story. It is almost midnight, I need to clean a ton and still need to pack. But I’d rather just go to sleep. Maybe I’ll lie down for just a minute. The less I sleep tonight, the more I’ll sleep on the planes tomorrow and the easier Sunday will be in Hamburg.

UPDATE: An SD card is much MUCH more affordable than a memory stick and available at Walgreens. Photo crisis averted. Thanks to everyone who offered to bring me an extra!

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