Im here, Im safe.

Just a quick note to say that I arrived this morning in Frankfurt, went through the somewhat off-putting passport control, zipped around the maze that is Frankfurt airport under construction, then got on my Luftshana flight to Hamburg. Despite getting to my hotel around 10AM, they let me check in super early. Can you believe it? A hotel that lets you check-in before 3PM. Fantastic!

After I washed my face and checked out my room, I went for a walk up the street. Lots of sunshine this afternoon, so everyone is out on the sidewalks drinking coffee. While the morning chill was still out and about, people were covered with blankets provided by the different cafes. How civilized is that? It’s chilly, but it is nice to get fresh air, here’s a blanket to make it more enjoyable. Sweet.

I walked up and down the street. Found an ATM, geldautomatic, that I could work and then got coffee and a bagel at the Balzac Cafe. Now I’m using my internet and waiting for a few more Edel-peeps to arrive so we can walk around more and go over our workshop for tomorrow.

Hello from Germany!

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