Cool Stuff Im Doing

Things have been crazy, but I thought I’d shine some light on why they are a little bit crazy.

1. OSRUI Jewish Discovery Shabbat. I’m in the middle of setting up interviews between Jewish Bloggers and Rabbi Leora Kaye, who is leading the retreat. I’m trying to help recruit people to come up to OSRUI for a great shabbat of learning.

2. OSRUI Sofer Writing Workshop. While I’m not officially working on this, I have been trying to help recruit a little. The more, the merrier, you know. It is coming up soon(March 6-9), but registration isn’t closed. So come on, Jewish Writers, get thee to OSRUI!

3. Pilcrow Lit Fest. This is Amy’s grand creation and I’m just along for the ride helping with bits of social media stuff as needed. She’s doing all the heavy lifting and building the most amazing event. I am twittering occasionally looking for swag for the author gift bag. We are trying to make 40 bags, so if you have a product that you want in the hands of 40 authors, then you should let me know.

4. I also have a new position at Edelman. I’m no longer the Conversation Analyst, but am the Digital-Culture Evangelist. I’ve switched from doing research for clients to internal communications. It’s a global position, which is why I went to Hamburg and spent so much time with my APAC colleagues last week.

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