Quick Greeting

Wow. What a weekend so far. I was feeling bummed, very bummed, that I am missing out on SXSWi again. Geek Spring Break as one friend called it. A chance to meet in person many of my amazing friends from Twitter. But I’m up at OSRUI this weekend for a writing retreat and this is what I needed.

Reading the tweets from SXSWi I can tell a couple things. First, I would have been overwhelmed and unable to deal with the crush of being extroverted. Seriously, I’d have wound up in tears, I think. Second, it would be the imperfect setting for the conversations and interactions I really want to have with the people who are there, so I’d have been disappointed by the type of interaction I was having with people.

But this weekend… the B-12 shot of Judaism I needed. Last night I spiraled into a bit of existenial angst about what is really important in my life. Is it the digital stuff or the Jewish stuff. And if it is the Jewish stuff, what does that mean? That’s what I’m wrestling with this weekend.

Shabbat shalom, y’all, I need to get back to my dialogue.

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