This is the week that is.

I’m at The Fixx Coffee Bar for the second night in a row, last night I was here for Itza Mitzva and tonight I’m here for The Fixx Reading Series. I got here early and grabbed an outlet, which has left me rudely separated from my friends who are also here.

Itza Mitzva was great. We tackled the theme “Kosher for Passover” and the first person came who just found us on the internet. Wow! It was a great group, a great mix as always. We talked laws of chametz, eating matzah, changing the four questions and how we all do Passover now.

On Tuesday night, I went to the Jane Addams Hull House to see Adam Mansbach read from his new book The End Of The Jews. He was actually the guest speaker at Kevin Coval’s class at UIC, which I didn’t realize. Needless to say I felt uneasy in a room of 19 to 20ish year-olds. Adam did a great reading. Turns out we have people in common, but I don’t always remember to play Jewish Geography so I didn’t tell him that we have Y-love and CK in common. Oops.

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