A short list.

1. Jewish Discovery Shabbat is coming up. An overnight retreat at OSRUI for the 25-40 set of Jews and those who love them.

2. Pilcrow is coming together fast and furious.

3. I’m going to Toronto in May and am totally stoked. Going to the MESH conference.

4. I’m also going to Atlanta in May.

5. I’m getting a laptop at work, this makes me very happy.

6. I got interviewed by some marketing people about Millikin. Surprised to learn that I still carry quite a bit of resentment about not returning as an RA my senior year. Really? That was nearly 10 years ago and I couldn’t stop talking about it. Maybe because nobody ever asked how that felt.

7. June might include Israel and Boston, and maybe it will also include Brazil.

8. Writing projects big and small are popping up.

9. Authors and publicists are starting to turn to me to work on small and big projects in my ever growing limited non-work hours.

10. It is 60 degrees out today and sunny.

11. I still can’t cook, but have lost 7 pounds.

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