My phone beeped, a new text message. My blackberry blinked red, a new email. One woke me up, the other momentarily irked me. Irked was fixed within 2 minutes, but now I’m wide awake with no one to keep me company.

Twitter is down and I realize how true Alan’s nickname is for me. Demon Bride of Twitter. Not the Demon part, but the Bride part. Without a real life partner, this online community provides me the instant feedback that someone else would get from a husband or significant other.

I’m glad I have it, cause Spidey is no good at witty banter or giving me advice. But there’s something sad about it too, that when the server is down I don’t have that one person I can lean to and say, “Whoa, check this out.”

And that, dear reader, makes me very sad tonight.

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