Time to register is running out!

UPDATE: I got this today, “We are going to postpone the Jewish Discovery Shabbat weekend at OSRUI, scheduled for May 2-3, 2008. We are considering alternate dates, and will let you know when it is rescheduled.”

Get your forms in to OSRUI if you want to come up and spend shabbat on May 2-3! The Jewish Discovery Shabbat is just $75 a person and promises to be lovely.

Don’t trust me? Ask Frume Sarah!

“This weekend is for you if you:

(a) are interested in exploring Shabbat;
(b) are new to Judaism;
(c) been Jewish all your life;
(d) just curious about how Shabbat can be contextualized in today’s modern world.

In other words, this weekend is for everyone!!!

Rabbi Leora Kaye, who is not only smart but really, really cool (and nice too!), was quick to point out that this weekend is “not about what Shabbat should be. It’s about what Shabbat could be.”

Thanks also to Amy and Esther for taking a few minutes to post about the retreat.

UPDATE: Another Rabbi, this one an OSRUI Regular, Rabbi Phyllis also posted today!

Wow! Thanks everyone for responding to my pleas!

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