Pulvers Networking Breakfast on May 7

Lots of things going on (like I’m getting a mud-wrap and massage tomorrow) but I wanted to clue you in on something fabulous happening next Wednesday morning.

Jeff Pulver is hosting one of his fabulous Social Media Breakfasts here in Chicago. From 8AM to 10AM at Duffy’s Tavern. Yes, Duffy’s the frat boy place is hosting our breakfast. You know what? They did a very nice job last time and I’m sure they will again.

Why should you come to this?

Jeff draws a rather eclectic group of people to these things. PR & Marketing types. Social media experimenters. Entrepreneurs. Curious friends of friends. Lawyers. And lots of people who don’t fit in those buckets. I guess why I like them so much is in part how Jeff helps people meet & mingle with his Real Time Social Tagging–not as scary as it sounds.

This time The Buzz reporter from NBC5 will be there (so I’ll wash my hair before I go this time) and I hope you’ll be there.

For anyone reading with a connection to Israel, you should come. Man, oh man, does Jeff support Israeli Tech start-ups. He’s a mover & shaker in the holy land, my friends, and a good person to know. He’s also just a good person and you’re a good person, so why are you hesitating? What, you want I should send you an engraved invitation?

Consider this engraved, to you, now RSVP!

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