Creeks and paths

I spent a lot of time this evening winding my way around soul sistah Eve11′ s blog. She must have mentioned her Tsunami Anniversary trip on twitter today, so I went looking for it and read about her month in Thailand a year after the Tsunami. Somewhere in that story, I realized she’d been in the tsunami, so I backtracked to read the story of surviving and recovering from that natural disaster. Then I popped up to present day to read about her new life in New Orleans, which is how I know her best via Twitter.

And then I wondered, “What was she like before the tsunami? Could that version of Eve have wound up in New Orleans?” and I read even more of her archives. Reading her in 2004, I see some of my own feelings about the business of marketing and evangelizing. Particularly in some of the posts about a marketer’s existential crisis.

A couple things, I guess.. first this is why I love blogs. I would never read a book this way–opening it at page 300 and reading 20 pages, then flipping back 100 pages, forward 300 pages and back 400 pages. But then I wouldn’t be able to ping the author (or heroine) on Twitter to say, “Hey, I’m exploring your life right now.

I did this while listening to a digital mix tape that a new friend sent to me. Yep, despite it being all mp3s, I’m gonna call it a mix tape, because that is the spirit it was made in. I spent time exploring all of Andrew‘s sites, too. Popping around from personal blogs to industry blogs to Flickr.

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