Postcards to Israel

March 11, 2004

I’m working in London where I manage an international student residence. We have 24 hour security and the guys who work nights and weekends are all Israeli. The weekend after the bombings in Madrid, I walk with my Spanish students through the streets of London to the consulate. There we light candles, leave notes and walk back with the Spanish flag between. “Todos somos Madrilenos.”

One of my Israeli guys says to me, “Leah, if we stopped working every time a bomb went off in Israel, we wouldn’t get things done. This is life.”

July 2005

One of my closest friends is back from his annual family trip to Israel. We are in his car, driving to dinner and he gives me a souvenir. It’s is wrapped in that perfect way gifts are wrapped in Jerusalem shops and is a kiddush cup. I’d asked him for one, it was the only major item missing from my household Judaica that I started collecting when I decided to convert to Judaism…

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