Thoughts on my feet at mesh08

We have a luxuriously long lunch at mesh today, so I’m standing next to the job boards at a high-top table blogging a bit. Edelman is a major sponsor, but even if we weren’t I’d still tell you that this has been an AMAZING conference.

Some thoughts while I stand on my feet.

1. Canadians are really nice. We have quite the back-channel going between Twitter and two major live blogs. When a presentation started going south, people just started chatting about other things, but there was no revolt. I really appreciate the “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” attitude that I’m feeling here.

2. Canadians are really nice. I started a separate twitter account for this trip, @LeahAtMesh, to let my regular followers opt-out of my mesh coverage (remembering how I felt during SXSWi). But the greatest thing has been by having an event specific account, I’ve actually met and been focused on the people here. I’m not watching Chicago stuff or other stuff (well, I’m paying attention to Pilcrow and news about my Aunt), I’m here. People might complain that if you are on twitter you aren’t present, but by following only people here with me, it has really enriched the experience.

3. Canadians are really nice. Last night I was chatting with a couple guys, one of whom is working on ScribbleLive . Then I was introduced to a TechCrunch writer who asked if I knew anyone local he could talk to with a start-up. I said, “That tall guy has a cool live-blogging thing going on.” Cough, cough. How did I find out? The Scribble guys said thank you. I like that. Go Scribble!

More things about how nice canadians are coming soon….

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