Bloggers, bloggers, everywhere bloggers

Yesterday was another delightful day in Tel Aviv. Delightful, I’m telling you, despite the amount of sand in between the keys of my blackberry and in between my toes.

After having dinner with Ari on Tuesday night and meeting his CEO and CTO on Wednesday night at Mashable (did we talk about MashBash yet?), I was invited up to Sightix HQ on Thursday afternoon to learn more about what they do and talk about how a super user of search engines searches. Then we sat around and chatted about digital skills that are up and coming, what to keep an eye on and then they promised me an invite to Sightix once it is working on something in english. The whole team was welcoming and fun to spend the afternoon with.

Then I got a call from Shalvi asking if I wanted to meet early before the meet-up for dinner. We picked a corner (cause I’m classy like that, always getting picked up and dropped off on street corners in Israel) and a time, then I found a cafe where I could tell you all about toothpicks.

We had dinner and I heard about life on his kibbutz, talked about plans for the future and daydreamed about life in Israel. After having some way awesome burgers, we picked up some wine at the AM/PM and then walked down to the beach to meet BLOGGERS!

First to arrive was Idan, then Ahuva and Talia came in short order. Ori came with an Argentinian friend who loved my tatoo. Last, but not least, was Gila . Yay! A few people had to cancel at the last minute, but it was a wonderful evening. First the sun set over the sea, then we popped open some red wine, played Jewish Geography (physical and who do you know) and actually got a little chilly in the evening wind.

I took a slow leave this morning and got to Jerusalem around 1:15 or so, just in time for Ronnie to pick me up for lunch. We went to the Germany Colony for lunch, chatted about our trips, and I had possibly the best salad ever. It was so chock full of amazing things, I can’t even begin to tell you.

Then we drove around and around Jerusalem, trying to figure out a way for him to drop me off near Dave’s house in the shuk. Obviously we found a place, because I’m writing this from Beit Jewlicious . Shabbat is coming soon and I’m avoiding the desire to IM Dave. He’s sitting five feet away from me, but for most of the year we just IM.

Shabbat shalom, y’all. We’re heading to the Old City, then a big o’ dinner somewhere, and then tomorrow we’re going to a mutual friend’s Shabbat Kallah. (She’s getting married!)

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