These Are The Days

So much has happened in the last six weeks that my mind is reeling and I’m playing catch-up. I slept in super late yesterday for the first time since my first couple days in Tel Aviv and I’m camped out in my familiar Metropolis Coffee in Edgewater.

At work this week I went to a blogger meet-up with Neville Hobson while he was here for the New Media Academic Summit. I went to have cocktails at the home of Dan and Ruth Edelman, where Jesse Jackson spoke for a 15 minutes about the need to elevate the parent-teacher relationship to improve education. I was surprised how many spoke up and thanked Rev. Jackson for the profound influence he had in their lives and in how they chose career paths. At the New Media Academic Summit, I got to pretend I was somebody and hold an Olympic Torch.

For week’s I’ve been sitting on the not-too-secret, but not-my-news-to-tell news that Amy Guth was getting married. Now I can finally say CONGRATULATIONS!!! She spilled it on Twitter this morning that it was a Vegas Wedding with a former-Elvis officiating. I was so happy to see the news, because I’d been refreshing my interwebs since the sun went down last night waiting for the official news. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

On Thursday night, I went dancing for the first time in ages. Dancing at the Hangge Uppe near Rush ‘n’ Division for hours with Edelman Colleagues. Combined with the laughing from Monday or Tuesday night that I woke up sore from, it was a much needed night of dance. For the first time in a long time, I danced without thinking about how I looked, what size I am, or how single I am. It was insane amounts of fun. So much fun that my feet (and ankles) ached for a full day afterwards.

The week was spent immersed in Social Media. The first half I was faculty at Edelman’s Summer School, teaching my specialty of search and analysis with desktop tools. The second half I was taking notes, because I’m the person writing the Edelman White Paper after the NMAS. Yikes.

I have to say that my decision about a month ago to stop talking about how overwhelmed I was feeling helped. I let myself slow-down and enjoy my vacation. Be in the moment more often than not. But now that I’m finally at the end of a crazy six weeks, I feel like I’m in a bit of a free-fall. What now?

Shai Agassi talked about jumping off the Empire State Building and hitting balconies. His balcony is the price of oil. My balconies… I guess we’ll find out, but I think they have something to do with moving across the world for a year which I’m still considering fairly seriously.

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