Ode to T-shirt Deli

For the second day in a row, I’m sporting my new shirt from the T-Shirt Deli. While I’ve shopped there before for others, this is my first personalized shirt for myself. I’m a big fan of personalized shirts as gifts. I gave TokyoBoy, Rayne and Bob each a Neighborhoodie. I gave Ronnie and Henry each a shirt from T-shirt Deli.

Yesterday I wandered around Wicker Park on a in-town vacation and found myself at their doorstep. I sent out a tweet asking “Cool or lame? Getting a tshirt that says @leahjones for blogher?” Which got, be still my beating heart, an immediate response from the King of T’s himself, “@leahjones it all depends on the execution , it could go either way :-).”

Some back and forths on twitter and some chatting with the friendly staff and I took the leap. I now own a geekilicious shirt with my twitter ID on it. Since @leahjones is how you’ll find me most places online, it seemed appropriate. Also it guarantees that people will be able to identify me in any BlogHer photo that gets snapped in a couple weeks.

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