Friend of a friend, turns out to be friend.

I got a note from a friend of Ronnie’s in LA. He’s working on a movie and Ronnie said I might be able to help with some blogging stuff. This made me happy, because it means that Ronnie finally understands what it is I do. Then I started to talking to friend of a friend, who sent me the newest video of his comedy group. And when I pressed play, I saw a friend. Blaise Miller is from the days of the Tequila Roadhouse. When I still did stand-up comedy. Jeff Grace started at the same time as me, but clearly both kept doing comedy. Making the BIG MOVE that is necessary to actually make something of yourself.

Here is the video, Part 3 of The Googling. May I suggest you also check out Part 1 and Part 2 by The Vacationeers ?

I love it. I love it for the geekiness and I love it for seeing these guys doing something with all those nights on stage. Yay!

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