Bandwidth and other things

Every day this week, I’ve been getting warnings from Blog-City that I’m at risk for going over on my bandwidth this month. I assumed that someone had hot linked to photo and was snagging by bandwidth and I told the support team that. Turns out that Blog-City only counts textual data towards our bandwidth, so it is my writing that is increasing my bandwidth usage.

That’s cool.

Last night I took a huge detour from my regular shabbat plans. Well, that’s not entirely true, only because I haven’t had regular shabbat plans for a few months. I used to be at Emanuel every Friday night and most Saturday mornings, but then something happened (winter) and I started staying home more often or going out with non-Jewish friends.

Last night I upped my Facebook Maybe RSVP to a Yes and headed to the Wicker Park/Bucktown Chabad for dinner. Yes. I chose to go to Shabbat dinner at Chabad. Shhh… it was fun.

Yes, I had my moments of not knowing what the hell was going on, but I love the rounds of “la chaims” and the singing and meeting new people. Also meeting people in person that I’ve only known via Facebook and almost going to the same events.

I like the tiny room they did services in with seats for a dozen men and six women, but it was full with about 30 people. I love small spaces full of people singing Lecha Dodi and other Kabalat Shabbat tunes. The rabbi was very friendly and the group of young-20s chabadnik men he brought down from camp were also friendly.

This morning I finally went back to Emanuel and enjoyed Shabbat services with my regular community. And to that I say, shabbat shalom.

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