eCamp Israel News

When I was in Jerusalem for ROI120, I met Nir Kouris who is the founder of eCamp Israel. eCamp Israel opened for the first year this summer and everything I’ve heard has been amazing–but since camp is still in session, I’m having a hard time getting a lot of stories.

eCamp Israel is an international summer camp that brings the brightest kids to Israel (and from around Israel) to a technology camp. They get to learn from each other and some of the leaders of technology in Israel, including Chief Scientist Shai Agassi.

Here is a little video that Alon Hammer’s campers put together in their Digital Storytelling workshop. (And here is a promo that they’ve put together over the last couple days.)

I hope I can find a way to be involved with eCamp Israel next year-as a counselor or somehow on the staff. Nir did an amazing job gathering staff, funding, scholarships for campers from Sderot and leadership.

Memo to JBloggers, Jewish publications and Tech Publications: Help tell this story! Let’s make sure that eCamp returns to Israel next summer and that kids around the world get to experience Israeli tech. Okay?

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