The Seven Wonders Ride

If you want to know what it would be like to ride your bike across Illinois, but are like me and don’t actually want to do it? Then follow along with Rick Murray (president of Edelman Digital, where I work) and John Mullin from the Chicago Tribune.

They will be riding their bikes across the state in the Seven Wonders Ride. Check it out on Ning and join to follow along. The duo will be hitting each of the Seven Wonders in Illinois that IBOT (an Edelman client that I occasionally work with) designated by Illinois folks voting online. From their blog…

Day One, the first full riding day, goes up to Alton along the Mississippi, with coverage of some wildlife and restoration areas on the way. Kathleen Rude will be doing some separate looks at major points of interest.

Day Two has two alternatives: possibly up to Quincy, partly via the paved river path north of Alton to the Wonder of Meeting of the Great Waters, for a check in on the flood damage and also what is happening in Quincy, a very interesting being-discovered river town. If not Quincy, the ride will be north and then over to Springfield and the night at the ‘green’ Hilton and hopefully a little stop at the Vietnam wall; have some high school mates there, unfortunately.

Day Three is over to the Monticello ‘Wonder’ briefly and then largely driving to Rock Island (the longest in-ride stretch of driving). with a stop for some coverage of interesting situations around Peoria, finishing with the Blackhawk State Historic ‘Wonder’ site.

Day Four is looming as one of the most interesting, with the wind power, wetlands restoration and ag happenings in the Sheffield area before on to Starved Rock. Pam Horwitz of Tiskilwa has been loading up our journey’s plate with ideas, and for another kind of plate, Lunch at the Chestnut Street Inn sounds like a place to have Illinois grass-fed beef also, so we

Day Five will stop in Sycamore near NIU, with some checkings-out in that region, probably the Nachusa Grasslands near Dixon; quite something of a success story, I’m told. And a stop in Dixon to see something Ronald Reagan seems like a good idea, time permitting.

Day Six, Sunday, probably will have us come in to Bha’i via Barrington with some nature conservancy things there. The final day’s ride will be lakefronting and a pass by Wonder Seven, Wrigley Field.

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