The Josh Nelson Project and Lift

I am much delayed in telling you about fellow ROInik’s new album. I got to spend lots of quality time with Josh Nelson when I was in Jerusalem this summer. He’s an amazing musician and wonderful human being AND he’s celebrating the release of his new album Lift.

(Josh helped me get through El Al security without pain for the first time ever in my travels to/from Israel. How? El Al was way more comfortable me when I appeared to be in a pair.)

While we were in the security line, I also found out that Josh has been highly involved in the Mikvah Monologues as the music director (which means he knows my author-crush Anita Diamant in real life) and actively involved with the URJ Bienniel. Anywho, the purpose of this post isn’t just for me to tell you how awesome Josh is, but to encourage you to sample his album and then buy his album. If you are a blogger, I’d like to encourage you to listen and write about his music.

Josh and Michelle Citrin brought me to tears at the end of ROI120 with a little Shalom Alecheim action (not that it is hard to make me cry), so I can vouch for all those quotes on his website about how amazing he is in person.

Lesson: Buy his album, review his album on your blog, and if you are in the position to be hiring a musician for a Jewish event then you should hire him.

Lesson 2: The other person in that photo is Noa Margalit from Carsitters. An Israeli band that performs in English and totally deserves your support. Check them out too!

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