Have you checked out G-Dcast?

If you subscribe via RSS, then a few weeks ago you got a video with the post title “test.” The video was Rabbi Lawrence Kushner talking about Bereshit. “And then there was light.”

The next week brought a new Torah portion, as every week does, and my friend Matthue Roth talking about Noah. Lech Lecha (Go, go forth) was covered by local Chicago band (ahem… and friends of mine) Stereo Sinai. This week we get to spend a few minutes with Evan Wolkenstein while he fills us in on…

Parshat Vayeira from g-dcast.com

This original torah video program is brought to you by producer (and friend) Sarah Lefton. Sarah and I met on ROI120 in 2007, saw each other again this summer for ROI120 in 2008, and then spent shabbat together at Mission Minyan in San Francisco.

She has worked so hard to bring this from a seed of an idea to a the amazing video project you see. Make sure to check back every Monday at G-Dcast to see the new video. Why not help a fledgling project out and blog about it? Are you a journalist? Then maybe you can write about G-Dcast and Ms. Lefton in your publication.

Kol ha’kavod Sarah!

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