Tune In to SleepOver 2.0

Over the holidays, I stopped by Amy’s house to pick up my keys and have a glass of wine. At six in the morning I fell asleep on the couch after we stayed up all night talking about our careers, men, make-up and money. That sparked an idea Around the same time, Blagica had an idea that synergized with our fun night that with the help of seven other women has turned into SleepOver 2.0.

On Saturday night (March 7-8), from 4PM until 8AM the next morning, we’ll be web casting live from the Chairman’s Suite of Hotel Sax. We’ve got amazing sponsors, great donations and friends who have kicked in the manpower to get through the night.

I’m excited that a few of my clients will be special guests. I Fight Dragons will be playing an acoustic set at 9PM from our bedroom, then around 1 or 2AM Billy Pacholski will be coming to do past life readings.

Want an idea of who we are and what the room is like? Check out the preview video.

So…. will you be tuning in to see our micro-version of the Real World?

Update: Corrected to reflect that it was Blagica’s idea.

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