Things I love about training for the Komen 3-Day

Today was my first training walk along Lake Michigan and I remembered why I loved training so much last year. It wasn’t my first walk of this training session, but my first on the lake path. From my new office to Addison stop of the red line is 3 miles – did that a couple weeks ago – and I did a couple 3-4 mile walks in Austin.

But Lake Michigan, you own my heart and brain.

Reasons I love training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk. [Donate here.]

1. I feel strong when I realize that I can power myself for a few miles that I would normally hop on the train or on a bus.

2. I get to watch the seasons change. Right now the first buds Daffodils are starting to show, soon the trees will bud and then the leaves will burst out. If I keep up training after the 3-Day, I’ll get to see fall come as well.

3. I love the diversity of the Lake Path in Chicago. It is a democratic place to work out. Everyone from newborns in strollers to elderly folks with walkers; hard core long-distance cyclists to kids with training wheels; marathon trainers to new shoe walkers. Everyone has a place on the lake path. Every body type, every age and every color in Chicago.

4. My brain goes on overdrive when I start moving. Today I planned some fundraisers and our t-shirt design. Last year Amy and I brainstormed on every long walk and came up with amazing ideas.

5. I know that my ass is going to start looking good again.

6. Walking on Saturday mornings is a great shabbat for me.

What do you love about training walks?

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