How can I tell you everything that has happened?

So very much has happened these past few weeks and I don’t know how I’ll keep everyone posted. Instead I’ll make a list and I promise that I’ll be back with the full stories (and videos) soon.

Today at 5:30 at the Chicago Theater. Please bring newspapers, a video camera or camera, and a CTA fare card. We’ll be doing a flash mob version of The Paper Hat Game.

On Thursday, I was invited by Andy Sernovitz to attend the Gaspedal Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course. My expectations were low, because I thought it would be a review of things I already know mixed with conference overload. I was blown out of the water. While Andy comped my seat, the class is worth the money. The chance to brianstorm with other local business owners and marketers, a great presentation, good take-aways and many personal a ha moments. I even got to meet Ramon – aka @DPZRamon – from Domino’s Pizza. Andy knew that he was finding a talker when he invited me to come to the class, I recommend it whole heartedly.

Viva Nashvegas was wonderful. Thanks again to Ford Motors for the Lincoln MKS and to Hotel Preston for comping us the room. Both were amazing and we have LOTS of video coming. Sunday night we stayed with my sister and Monday we whisked my newphew away from daycare and took him to Springfield with us for the day. We hit the Lincoln Museum, lunch with Scott and Matt Penning, and then a final stop at Flesor’s in Tuscola for ice cream and candy. We also announced Pilcrow South with Peter Cole as the regional director.

Where to find me

I’ll be at most of SOBcon this weekend in Chicago, although I double booked on Friday and will just be in and out. I’m heading back to Austin in early June to do a presentation at the Southwest Performing Arts Presenters educational workshop. This week I’m speaking to Illinois CPA Society about using social media for your job hunt. I was featured in Three Dames with a Clue with an Authentic Expressions interview and I talk about what being a woman means to me. In July, I’ll be back in Tel Aviv on the staff/alumni track of ROI20 and teaching the tech/social media track. This fall, I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Convergence again and in April 2010, you’ll be able to catch up with me at the Religion Communication Congress in Chicago.

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