On the books: Austin, New York and Israel

I didn’t think I’d do much traveling after I left Edelman. While it was part of my plan – the ability to work from anywhere, I wasn’t sure if it would actually happen. Well, my dears, happening it is. A few of the places you’ll be able to find me this summer.

May 17 – 23 – Chicago, Illinois. That is the week of Pilcrow Lit Fest, come one, come all! We’ve set the venue for the fundraiser and now we’re just looking for a few more Rebuilt Books for the auction.

May 30 – June 2 – I’ll be in Austin, Texas for the Southwest Performing Arts Presenters annual educational meeting. I’m presenting on both days and hope to arrange another workshop with ACoT on the 31st. More as that happens. There may also be a tweet-up in there somewhere with some beer from Ska Brewing.

June 15 – 17 – New York, New York. I’ll be going out for Jeff Pulver’s 140Conf – 140 Characters talking about Twitter. (I’m one of the 140 characters). If you are a band and want to book a social media coaching session, it is time to get in touch with me.

June 18 – 20 – Chicago, Illinois. Um… I thought about going straight to Israel, but then I remembered MobFest. So I’ll be back for the weekend to check out local bands and the annual festival.

June 22ish to July 11 – ISRAEL! Yes! I’m returning to Israel this summer. This summer I’ll be presenting two social media and technology workshops at ROI120 and stretching the 3 day commitment into three weeks. Three weeks isn’t aliyah, but it is the longest I’ve ever been able to stay in Israel. I’m looking to meet-up with friends, meet new friends and possibly do some work. Hit me up and we’ll make plans. This summer I’m definitely going to Tsfat, so if someone wants to go with me, please suggest a day and a way.

After than I’ll be back home to finish training for the Breast Cancer 3-Day and then roll into Labor Day, when my sister is due with her second boy.

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