MOBfest + Natiiv = Something Awesome This Way Comes

Today the last band confirmed, so I can tell you what is on the books for June 18.

MOBfest is an annual music festival in Chicago that features local bands. Natiiv Arts & Media, my company, focuses on social media coaching for local bands. It only makes sense that MOBfest and Natiiv would come together in the form of a showcase.

On June 18, 2009, at the Fiesta Cantina on Clark, four bands that work with Natiiv will be performing. The line-up is….

Calvin Marty & The Sunken Ship (headlining… you might remember them from this post.)

Cobalt and The Hired Guns (who were in the Metromix contest with I Fight Dragons)

Incredible Shrinking Boy (from The Real World soundrack)

and Matt Ryd (who has been featured on Scrubs and was an RA in college)

For now I’m saying that the door opens at 7PM.. I don’t know what the cover is going to be… (I’ve never actually been in charge of a show like this before, so Rachel from MOBfest is leading the way.) Why don’t you hop on over to Facebook and RSVP?

On Twitter? So are these guys. @cmatss @wil_fleming @cobaltandthehgs @cobaltmatt @incboy @mattryd

One more Natiiv band that I know also have a MOBfest show – that’s I Fight Dragons and they’ll be at the Elbo Room on June 20.

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