Its all… yeah n stuff

I’m watching Jen Lemen start to pack up her blog and close it for good. It makes me sad to see her close the door on her art blog, but I understand that things come to an end. It makes me wonder about this corner of the internet. I realize that I no longer am identified as a blogger when I go out. I’m known, for better or worse, for my Twitter use and now for my company, but there are people who don’t know I blog. I no longer hand out my “writer and occasional talker” business cards. I don’t link here in my email signature. I don’t link here from my twitter account.

I don’t do a lot of things I used to. It is rare that I write about Judaism or my conversion experience. In part, I think, because I’m more settled in my Jewish life. In part, because I’m not as observant as I was a year or two ago and I’m self-conscious about that shift.

But also… after over five years of living so publicly, I’ve been withdrawing lately. I want more of a buffer between my heart and the world.

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