Jet Lag before the Jet Lag

I don’t know how to explain it, but I think I got jet lag before I’ve even left for Israel. If you haven’t kept up, in the last 3 weeks I’ve been out of state every week. A trip to Austin, a trip to Dallas, a trip to New York. I’m finishing up my last day at home before heading to Israel for three weeks. Lucky for me (and Spidey) my good friend Billy is house-sitting for me this year.

Each trip was great, but it left me exhausted. After Thursday night’s launch party and showcase of Natiiv bands, I went to sleep and slept until 4PM the next day. Granted, there were some terrible storms in Chicago on Friday that kept my condo dark and the weather perfect for snoring. I got up and had dinner, came home, checked the MOBfest schedule and fell asleep on the couch. Oops. Last night was another early night, I’ve just not had it in me.

And I’m off to Israel tomorrow. I’m thinking of just staying in a hostel for the first couple nights. I know that I won’t be good company the first day and why put that sleepy, jet lagged version of Leah on a kind host.

If you are in Israel and want to meet up, I’ll be in Tel Aviv the first couple days, then Jerusalem for Shabbat, then back to Tel Aviv for my ROI120 workshop and a few social events, then (finally) going up to Tsfat for shabbat. Then back in Tel Aviv for a week. It is a three week trip, but the time has been carved up pretty quickly.

Time for more laundry, but I hope to see everyone that I can while I’m abroad!

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