The Impostors Daughter by Laurie Sandell

Every once and awhile, a publicist sends me a book to review on my blog. I don’t remember when I was offered The Impostor’s Daughter, but it showed up last week and I looked at the hefty hardback book and knew I wouldn’t have the energy to read it. A couple days later, I decided to try the book. I opened it up and was pleasantly surprised to find out it is a graphic novel… erm… graphic memoir.

I’m not really into comics and the only other graphic novel I’ve read is The Rabbi’s Cat, but I fell into this book. Laurie Sandell tells an amazing tale of growing up worshiping her father, his mysterious life and a later fall from grace. She digs into his past and learns that he was an impostor. The degrees, the travels, the war stories… all false.

What does a woman do when her father falls from the throne she placed him on growing up?

She turns to sex, travel and drinking. Years of finding herself, finding the family story and finally finding recovery. I devoured this book in two late night reading sessions. It is a real page turner, a great graphic novel if you’re a first timer, and a brutally honest story about how she recovered from her addictions and codependent relationships.

If you live in Chicago, Terry Gant from Third Coast Comics has said he’ll have copies of the book in this Friday. Please support local stores when you buy her book and if you are in Chicago, please support Terry. I’ve already promised my copy to someone on Twitter, but I might need to read it again before I let it go.

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