Los Angeles, Long Beach, Jewlicious and Sunny

I do a pretty terrible job of telling my friends when I’m traveling and why I’m leaving town again. If I’m on a plane, there’s probably a conference or a client on the other end of the flight. My last pure vacation flight was probably going to Mexico in July 2006. I find a way to tack on personal days to every conference or flight, so I’m not complaining that I never go on vacation.

Like every other flight since then, this week’s trip is for a conference. I’m heading to Los Angeles and Long Beach for Jewlicious Festival. In the six years this thing has been going on, I never planned ahead or was invited with time to organize. This year I was invited to speak with plenty of time to book a ticket.

On Thursday morning, Esther Kustanowitz has done a TON of legwork to get People of the (Face)Book organized. Esther, Rabbi Rebecca Schorr and I will be speaking about social media and Jewish community at Beth Chayim Chadashim* over breakfast. It is sponsored by ROI Community, NextGeneration Engagement Initiative of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation, and Jewish Jumpstart .

Thursday evening, I’ll be getting together with LA based friends. I’m not sure where we’ll be, but RSVP on Facebook if you want to meet in person.

Friday/Saturday are in Long Beach for Jewlicious Festival. Then back up to LA on Sunday to meet with a few clients, sleep and on Monday I’m back in Chicago. Please let me know if you live in LA and want to hang out.

*In a fantastic small world twist, the Rabbi Edwards at BCC is the sister of the Rabbi Edwards at Or Chadash in Chicago.

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