New York Bound… again

This weekend I sorta bragged that I didn’t have any plane tickets booked and wasn’t sure what to do with this new found freedom of being in Chicago for the unforseen future. And then I bought the book Empowered Judaism when I was at RCC. Then I did some digging and saw that the third ever Minyan conference is in less than two weeks in New York.

I wrote the organizer and explained that I don’t have a minyan, but inspired by friends in DC, New York and San Fran I want to learn more about starting one. They agreed that the conference will be a good fit for me and they invited me to come. So I’m heading back to NYC for the Mechon Hadar Minyan Conference.

This is part of my complicated relationship with Reform Judaism and trying to find a spiritual home. After talking with a few other friends, we realized that we might just have to make it. Learning how indie minyanim function is step one.

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