Youre all I can think about… Fred Armisen.

Here’s the scoop.

I’ve been MIA for the last month because I accepted the challenge of being a fundraiser event chair at my synagogue. I was given three HUGE talents (Fred Armisen, Jeff Garlin and Jeff Tweedy) and five short weeks to plan and promote Comedy, Q’s and A’s. Now it is nearly here.

This blog post is to tell you… if you’re in Chicago on Sunday, May 16 with a free night, then buy tickets online and come to my synagogue. It is a fundraiser for the youth programming – ironic since I don’t have kids.

People have come out of the woodwork to sponsor and help. Sponsors include Ska Brewing (Thanks Dave and Annie), Domino’s Pizza (thanks Ramon), HUM Spirits (thanks Darrell), and Wine Sisterhood (thanks Aliza). Chicago sponsors helping with gifts include Harris Theater (thanks Cheryl), Threadless (thanks Bill), Metropolis Coffee (thanks Tony), and SuperDawg (thanks Ben).

People have given in-kind services and people have given kindly.

So, please… if you like comedy or if you like me… please buy tickets and come see Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live), Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) do some music and a lot of comedy.

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