I wasn’t able to blog for Elul 2, because I was taking an inventory of my health. I’m on a business trip in Seattle and was still battling a sore throat after 5 days. So I asked the concierge to help me find a clinic. Two hours later I was back in my hotel with a bottle of antibiotics and a diagnosis of strep throat.

I haven’t taken antibiotics since I had bronchitis when I was 30. A cold, miserable winter with the heart ache to make it even colder.

But this course of antibiotics I plan on taking in stride. I was up and at ’em for my business meeting today. No handshakes with my new colleagues and lots of peppermint tea on hand. Despite feeling a bit wimpy and far from home, I’m going to be grateful that my health is typically quite strong and illness beyond a cold or allergies is rare.

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One Response to Inventory

  1. Boo to being sick. Yay to not being totally crippled by it. Hope you’re feeling better shortly.

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