L’chi lach, to a land that I will show you
Leich l’cha, to a place you do not know
L’chi lach, on your journey I will bless you
And (you shall be a blessing)3x l’chi lach
L’chi lach, and I shall make your name great
Leich l’cha, and all shall praise your name
L’chi lach, to the place that I will show you
(L’sim-chat cha-yim)3x l’chi lach

Debbie Friedman

The first time I heard this song was at a baby naming at my synagogue during my year of study before I went to mikvah. Still in my own infancy of my own Jewish life, I appreciated that this song flips between masculine and feminine verb conjugations – leich l’cha for men, l’chi lach for women.

It tumbles me down a path of thinking about how many blessings we can make in a day and makes me think about committing to the challenge of making 100 blessings in a day. The truth is that it would be an accomplishment if I correctly made five.


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