Going to Israel – General Schedule

I’m going to Israel next week on a really short trip, so contrary to how I like to travel I have booked hotels and set a fairly specific calendar of where I’ll be. The good news is that I’ll be splitting my time between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem AND that I still have a lot of breakfasts, lunches and dinners that need to be filled with company.

Below is my general schedule, please email me if you want to hang out.

Thursday, 2/21Arrive at 9am
Dinner and drinks at 8PM in Tel Aviv. Open Invite.

Friday, 2/22
Morning in TLV, afternoon head out for Shabbat

Saturday, 2/23
Shabbat with friends
Return to TLV Motzei Shabbat

Sunday, 2/24
TLV All Day
Possible Purim party in J’lem

Monday, 2/25
Open day in TLV

Tuesday, 2/26
Go to J’lem in AM

Wednesday, 2/27
Open day in J’lem
Bar night at Ha’Gov, open invite

Thursday, 2/28
Last day in Israel
Dinner with the newlyweds

Friday, 3/1
5AM flight back to States, who wants to pick me up at 3PM at ORD?

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3 Responses to Going to Israel – General Schedule

  1. Don’t forget you have plans with me on Friday! But I can’t meet in the morning, only early afternoon… Is that OK?

  2. Jennifer says:

    How about a coffee tweetup one morning in TLV?

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