18 blog posts that I’ll never write after 10 years of blogging

I keep thinking that I should write an epic post to celebrate my blog turning 10. This  started as a temporary letter home from London, became a daily writing habit, morphed into a career, slowed to an occasional writing habit, and a public archive of a decade of my life. Though as I got older, I wrote less and less publicly about my inner life, so it’s a very public archive of my late twenties and the highlights of my early thirties.

Every time I try to start, I don’t get very far… here’s an incomplete list of  the blog posts I would write for you, if I still had the energy to write long blog posts.

  1. Internet friends are real friends
  2. Offline friends are real friends, too
  3. I finally understand why Ave Maria makes my mom cry. Spoiler alert: pediatric cancer
  4. No, you aren’t the only person who [fill in the blank]
  5. 17 reasons why Candy Crush is better than Angry Birds
  6. How a cynical single learned to love weddings
  7. Serendipity is lovely and the world is full of it
  8. Go out on a limb, your friends will catch you… or they won’t and you’ll catch yourself
  9. Owning a condo: the best worst thing you’ll ever do
  10. Yes, it’s dangerous, but it is so damn fun
  11. Hey, I knew that guy before he was famous. I’m not famous. Oops
  12. Eight reasons I’m going to Israel on vacation (again) when there is so much of the world for me to see
  13. More rules about business travel
  14. The West Wing: Greatest series ever?
  15. Doctor Who: Greatest series ever?
  16. The Wire: Greatest series ever?
  17. Friday Night Lights: Greatest series ever?
  18. Table runners matter and 13 lessons I’ve learned hosting parties in my 30s
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3 Responses to 18 blog posts that I’ll never write after 10 years of blogging

  1. anne nahm says:

    Happy Tenth anniversary!

  2. Shanah says:

    Hi. This is a great blog with cool content. Serendipity is lovely and the world is full of it is so true! As I just started my blog I would be very appreciative of any feedback/comments from you! best regards, Shanah

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