Not Quite Haveil Havalim: An Incomplete Superman Sam Round-up

In Phyllis’s latest post, she said,

I can’t keep up with the messages and emails and texts.
I am overwhelmed with them.
I think it is in a good way.
I scroll through my Facebook feed, my email, my texts… and cry.
My friends, my sweet wonderful friends, who are doing what they do best.
Writing…sharing…posting….and of course, fundraising.
So many posts.
Articles….oh, so many articles.
(Would a good mother keep a scrapbook? A good blogger might have a list of links.)

A list of links… that’s something tangible that I can help with in a situation where I feel rather helpless. In the spirit of Haveil Havalim and in Sam’s memory, here are all the blog posts I could find. If I missed something, please link in the comments.

I’ve tried to put these into a few main categories. The first are from people as they learned that Sam had died, the second is more specifically about 36 Rabbis Shave for the Brave (which reached their first team goal of raising $180,000 yesterday), the third is from other parents of children with cancer (I think there are more posts out there) and the fourth includes poetry and d’varim Torah (sermons) inspired by Sam and the Sommer family.

There’s a lot of overlap and these could have been grouped differently. Also, I know that I missed posts, but this is the first 10 pages of Google results for a few different search terms. Please help if I missed something or messed something up…

Learning of Sam Sommer’s Death

#36Rabbis, Shave for the Brave

From other parents of children with cancer

D’var Torah, Prayers and Poetry about or inspired by Sam Sommer


Mainstream Media

Reflections from Sam’s Funeral


I know this list is incomplete, so please help me by adding links that you’ve seen in the comments below. I’ve tried to make sure that I included the correct honorifics for writers, but raise your hand if I made you into a rabbi and you aren’t one or if I accidentally removed your ordination.

You can also leave your link in this Google Form.

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4 Responses to Not Quite Haveil Havalim: An Incomplete Superman Sam Round-up

  1. Meredith Lewis says:

    There’s another post on the rabbis without borders blog on mjl by Rebecca Sirbu.

  2. Marnie says:

    My sister Abbi Perets wrote a couple of posts about Superman Sam on her blog about her own son’s battle with leukemia:, and

  3. Solange Ramos Esteves says:

    Coming just to say “love” from São Paulo-SP, Brasil.

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