Superman Sam by Suzanne Gallant

A little boy,
Barely eight years old,
Not old enough,
Not nearly,
Died, yesterday.

A little boy
I knew about,
I knew his family
And I watched
From afar.

A little boy,
Who in his fight
With his disease
Became an example
Of courage.

Because his mother chose
To share his story
Her story, their story
In a blog and on Facebook
He became my grandson, too.

I feel his loss
As if he had been living
Next door to me
As if he was a part of me.
He was Superman.

No family should be forced
To live through what they did.
No family should suffer such a loss,
No parent or grandparent should
Bury a such a hero.

Sammy wanted to be famous,
What is sad, is that in his fight
And in his dying and death.
He became a poster child for the fight
And he is famous.

Suzanne doesn’t have a blog, but that didn’t stop her from writing this poem about Sammy. “Marilyn, Sammy’s grandmother and I go back to when Sammy’s uncle Josh was a baby.  My husband and Sammy’s grandfather were the best of friends and are buried next to each other.”

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