That Leah Jones, That Jewish Blog

I started this blog in November 2003 and called it “Leah in London” and used the now kaput blogging platform Blog City. At the time, I was managing a student residence in London for IES.  This was an easy way for me for people to keep up with me without me sending annoying mass emails or spending a lot of money on international phone calls.  When I moved home from London in March of 2004, I changed the title to “Leah in Chicago” and kept blogging away.  When I started studying Judaism, I added the subtitle or alternative title “Accidentally Jewish.”

If you are looking for the Leah Jones who flew Piper Cub airplanes, I’m not her, but I would like to know her. If you are looking for the Leah Jones you knew in marching band or at Millikin, from ROI Community, Colorado, Chicago stand-up comedy, Sweet Occasions or general internetty things… that’s probably me.


I work at OLSON Engage and lead the Social Media team in Chicago. I barely write about clients or work over here, but when I write about a client, you’ll know.


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